Troy moved to Tokyo in 2007, after performing live video in San Francisco for over ten years under the guise of Punch Presents and Currents.  Using a combination of original shot footage, motion graphics and live cameras his style of video storytelling draws visual connections between the audience and the performers.  Exploring both analog and digital sources for his mix vjTRoY creates real-time and real-world projected video experiences.

Beginning in college at SFSU, multi-media studies, he infused projection and live performance into his class projects.  When the instructor assigned a slide show, he completed a video of slide projections.  When the assignment was a video, he invited dancers to perform within a  video projection to create an immersive presentation. 

In 1992 he co-founded Cyclone Warehouse an art and event venue located in San Francisco.  In 1999 he started Punch Presents a multi-media performance group that has performed with some of the Bay Areas primer hip-hop and dj acts, doing live video with Mr. Brown, Protoscape, Most Chill Slackmob, iLL Media, Flavor Group, Exact Science, DJ Denizen, Felonious, and Psychokinetics to name a few.  Frustrated by the lack of VJ tools on the market, that same year, he programed a laptop video mixer in Director, dubbed Mixmaster.  This enabled him greater control over laptop video, but happily since then more gifted programmers have brought VJ tools to the market, and now he can focus on Original Content and Live Video. 

In 2002 Punch Gallery was opened, an open space for artists to express themselves free from the constraints found in many other galleries. Featuring urban art art in all of its forms; film, paintings, video, music, and performance by both established and up-incoming artists, this space enabled Troy to push the performance boundaries of the community he worked with.  Using multi-camera and multi-screen projections in this art gallery created an fresh environment for the underground art scene to gather and collaborate.

Since the close of the Gallery, he has gone under the name vj TRoY and continued to work with djs in San Francisco to bring Live Video to the show.  Using original shot footage, and live cameras in the venue, his style brings in elements of graphic design mixed with long play video and his love of visual storytelling.  It is really all about hyping the party.

vj TRoY